Choosing Dental Furniture & Cabinets

November 27, 2016

Choosing Dental Furniture & Cabinets

When is custom dental furniture the way to go?

by Helen Bullingham

If you are just starting out with your own practice or thinking of expanding or upgrading, you might be thinking about whether to go with standard dental furniture or a custom solution.  I recently spoke with MCC Dental Cabinets’ Management to get some insight into choosing a custom or standard solution.  Here’s a quick Q&A to get you thinking on what could be right for your practice when it comes to choosing dental furniture & cabinets.

Q:  What are the top 2-3 benefits of choosing custom over standard dental cabinets?
MCC:  From our perspective, it’s really about giving customers exactly what they want.  When you choose custom, you can choose furniture that fits your space – big or small – or fit to a very particular measurement eg 10’6 Sterilization Center.  If you want 4 drawers on one cabinet but only 2 on the other cabinet, you can have that.  You can still choose from standard colors with customized cabinets and furniture, but we can also match whatever colors you want to suit your personal taste and your office environment.  There are also choices for countertops such as laminate, solid surface and Caesarstone.  When you choose custom, you don’t have to compromise.  You get what you want – size, color, features, etc.  So if you are just starting your practice, you can be happy with what you have from the very beginning.  If you are updating your practice, you can add elements that create the look and feel you’ve been looking to build.

Q:  Which option ie Custom or Standard offers better value to the dentist?  Why?
MCC:  From our experience, we would say that the end result of getting exactly what you want is priceless.  So from that standpoint, custom offers the best value.  With standard cabinets, everything is pre-determined – size, color, finish, pricing.  With custom, your pricing will vary, depending on your choices.

Q:  Is it okay to mix standard cabinets with custom cabinets? When would you do this?
MCC:  Yes, yes, and yes.  Your office can be a successful combination of standard and custom units; many dental practices are.  You can also turn a standard cabinet into a custom cabinet.  We can make it longer, shorter, add drawers, handles, colors, whatever you can dream up.  The key parameter is space – how much space will your customization require and do you have the room?

Q.  If you are just starting your practice, what is the recommended approach ie standard or custom?
MCC:  When you are just starting your practice, space will likely be the main consideration – how big is your space and what furniture and equipment do you need for your practice? Your office space may fit some of the standard dental cabinets comfortably.  In this case, you may look for customization on the drawers and handles on the units – to meet your needs and preferred style.  If space is a challenge, then custom may be the way to go because you can adjust the size of your key cabinets – like a sterilization unit – to fit your space.

Q.  Why does MCC offer both?
MCC:  We put dentists at the centre of what we do – we know that meeting the dentist’s needs sometimes requires a custom solution and sometimes a standard solution.  Standard dental furniture and cabinets are usually quicker to get, and it’s easier to see exactly what you are getting. We have the pictures, sketches, and pricing ready for you.  With Custom dental furniture and cabinets, a dentist has lots of options.  It can take longer to decide on all these options.  We turn around pricing and sketches as quickly as possible.  And as we’ve said above, custom has the power to give the dentist exactly what they are looking for, even if it means a little more time than standard options.  Offering custom AND standard dental furniture and cabinets means that we can satisfy all requirements.

Questions about custom, standard or this blog? Email us at [email protected]  We’d love to hear from you!

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