Steri slider from MCC Dental's Perfect Fit collection

Signature Collection

Our new Signature Collection Rear and Side is a celebration of craftsmanship,quality and design efficiency. In tribute to our co-founder, Giovanni (John) Cocciardi, inspired by a half century of craftsmanship, quality and design efficiency, MCC’s new Signature Collection ushers in a new era in dental cabinets for dental office environments. The Signature Collection embracesthe best of the Classics line – supreme functionality, solidity and storage space but takes things one step further with a newgenerosity in storage space.


New advancements in antimicrobial materials, combined with our industry leading design, make our Aseptx Sterilizationcenters the most advanced units on the market. All contact points of the ASEPTX® Sterilization center are constructed from a solid polymer material (HDPE) that has an antimicrobial agent bonded into the sheet at the molecular level that inhibit growth of stain and odor causing bacteria, algae & fungi. The result is a unit with an antimicrobial agent that will not leach into the environment and will remain active for the lifetime of the product. The ASEPTX® Sterilization Units stay cleaner, longer and are impervious to water damage.

Tailored Collection

Introducing our Modular Collection of Rear, Center, Side and Sterilization cabinets. All professionally designed to optimize your practice
space and budget. An ‘off-the-shelf’ modular solution is a cost-effective alternative that is perfectly fitted to your budget and space.
Our Modular Rear, Center, Side units and Sterilization Centers present unlimited design configuration options.
REAR CABINETS – Our rear cabinets are industry leading.
CENTER ISLANDS – When space is at a premium, our Center Islands are an efficient and affordable solution.
SIDE CABINETS – Our side cabinets can be customized to include several efficient storage solutions such as extra drawer modules,
equipment bays and other storage needs.
STERILIZATION CENTERS – Our Sterilization Centers offer many standard features to perfectly fit your budget and space.

Tailored Plus Collection

Since the early days at MCC, we have continually collaborated with dental 
professionals on the design of practice cabinets.
The result of our efforts is the most efficient treatment station available. Quite simply, our Perfect Fit Rear Cabinets are industry leading.
To maximize the functionality of our Perfect Fit Cabinets, every corner, shelf and position has been transformed into useful space.
We have kept our rear Perfect Fit Cabinets to the smallest footprint possible, while still accommodating everything required for today’s well equipped dental facility and the dentist, assistant and patient all benefit from having instruments and equipment close at hand and in just
the right place.

 Sanitizing Station

When it comes to safety, there is no better way to protect your patients and staff than with a PPE Station made of HDPE, an Antimicrobial material that kills or inhibits the growth of microorganisms caused by bacteria, algae and fungi.