About Us

About MCC Dental

At MCC, we are just as excited about your dental practice as you are. MCC Dental has been outfitting our clients with custom and modular units for fifty years. We have been there when clients were just opening their doors to a new practice and we’ve been there over the years, adding cabinet solutions as their practices have grown. Our units our flexible; they grow with your dental practice.

about mcc dental

Brief History of the Company

MCC Dental was started in April, 1969 and is the brainchild of Giovanni (John) Cocciardi and Dietrich Grammenz. The two met while working for a cabinet making firm. Dietrich supervised the construction of the cabinets and John created and built them. When the firm decided to expand into dental cabinet lines, John and Dietrich saw the opportunity to create their own line of dental cabinets. With just two employees and a 2000 sq ft rented factory for space, John and Dietrich set out to create the MCC company of today.

Over the years, MCC has had numerous firsts. We are the only manufacturer to offer custom cabinets for your dental practice. While we also offer modular units, we find that the custom units provide dentists with the greatest flexibility; dentists can design their patient service environments in a way that is most efficient with their unique layout and personal style.

We were the first to launch our ST Sterilization units. We were also the first to launch our Brilliance line.

Today, MCC is a market leader in custom cabinets. We continue to listen carefully to what our customers need and want from their dental furniture and then we design and build it. The materials we use are only the best, and some of them come from as far away as Italy. Our cabinets are also LEEDs certified.

Giovanni continues to run MCC along with his four sons.

Our Vision

Our goal is to be the leading cabinet manufacturer in the North American Dental industry. Whether you design your complete practice with our functional and beautiful units or augment an existing practice with our modular cabinets, our goal is to contribute to a professional looking environment that is pleasing to you, your staff and your patients.

Our Team

Nothing makes our team happier than creating a custom cabinet for customers like you. Our dedicated team includes Customer Service, Sales, Design, and Manufacturing.

Everything we do from design to delivery is created for the satisfaction of our customers. Our team has an ongoing innovation mandate which requires us to continue to develop, engineer and deliver only the most practical and efficient dental cabinets for your office.