Center Islands

Center Island Dental Cabinets

Dental operatory center islands are a great way to divide up space in your dental practice. They create a wall between adjoining operatories while allowing some features to be shared, such as a sink at the open end. Center islands also come with cabinets and drawers on both sides, effectively creating multiple work surfaces. They can be customized to have an x-ray generator in a pass-through area that will allow it to serve multiple treatment areas.

MCC Dental’s Center Island Dental Cabinets offer several advantages over closed-room designs.

  • They maintain patient privacy in an open floor plan treatment room.
  • When compared to the construction costs of a full wall between treatment areas, center islands are the clear winner.
  • Center Island cabinets save space while offering work surfaces, storage drawers and doors on both sides of the cabinet.
  • Our center island dental cabinets offer plenty of room for CPU storage and an under-mounted stainless steel sink with the hardware and plumbing included.

Some of the customization options available are Solid Surface, Caesarstone or Milestone color patterned countertops. All of our dental cabinets offer ‘Green’ construction materials.
All of MCC’s center islands are available in Perfect Fit, Modular or Custom design.

Custom Center Islands

MCC Custom Center Islands Dental Cabinets offer you unique looks and solutions for creating the ideal office space.

Perfect Fit Center Island Dental Cabinets

MCC Perfect Fit Dental Centre Islands offer several advantages over closed room designs while maintaining appropriate patient privacy.

Tailored Center Island Dental Cabinets

When space is at a premium, our Center Islands are an efficient and affordable solution.