Sterilization Centers

Dental Sterilization Centers

Our Dental Sterilization Centers incorporate insights from dental practitioners across North America. As a result of our research and development, we have been able to streamline the flow of the sterilization process, aid operator efficiency and surpass the latest CDC asepsis guidelines. Our design follows the flow of sterilization requirements; Receiving & Cleaning, Preparation & Packaging, Sterilization and Sterile Clean Storage. New advancements in Anti-microbial materials combined with our industry leading design makes our new ST Series of Dental Sterilization Centers the most advanced on the market; the Sterilization units are constructed from materials that offer 99.99% antimicrobial protection and are impervious to water damage. Choice of ST, Perfect Fit, Modular or Custom design.

Custom Steri Centers

Customize your investment in the absolute best for your patients' care.

Aseptx Steri Centers

Our ASEPTX Collection comes with a 10-Year warranty.

Perfect Fit Steri Centers

Numerous features are available with our Perfect Fit Collection.

Modular Steri Centers

Numerous features are available with our Modular Collection.