Custom Sterilization Centers

Customize your investment in the absolute best for your patients' care.

General Details

Your Custom Sterilization Center plays a crucial role in the overall performance of your practice. We work with you to help you get the most out of your design, functionality & sterilization solutions. Our fully customized design options are a cost-effective solution in creating the ideal, sterile clean environment, allowing for better patient care and overall satisfaction.
Custom options include:
• Personally designed cabinets to suit any storage and sterilization solutions or office space challenges requiring custom modifications.
• Choose from all our patterned countertop finishes, woods and solid surface colors, including our beautiful Brilliance Collection, that best match your office style and design. We can also match any specific color that you require.
• A wide range of adaptable configurations and various options for storage and sterile cleaning. All the hardware and plumbing fixtures are included.
• ‘Green’ construction means our cabinets contain no urea formaldehyde resins and are built with water-based adhesives. Ask your MCC rep for all the details.
• 15-Year Warranty

Talk to our experts about any special features you may require.


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