Allure Center Islands

When space is at a premium, our Center Islands are an efficient and affordable solution.

General Details

Allure Center Island Dental Cabinets

For years, we have collaborated with dental professionals on the product design of practice cabinets. The result of our collaboration is the most effective treatment station available. Quite simply, our dental cabinets are industry-leading and a cost-effective alternative that will fit your budget and space perfectly. The Allure Center Island is an ideal ‘off-the-shelf’ solution for multi-room plans that also fit your budget. Saving floor space and maximizing available storage space while maintaining patient privacy. Choose from 7 Solid Surface countertops and 7 Laminates for a stylish, custom look and easy cleaning.
There are several advantages of center island dental cabinets over closed room designs and they include:

  • PVC edging
  • 5” brushed metal handles
  • 3 configuration options
  • Under mounted stainless steel sink with Solid Surface only
  • Hardware and plumbing fixtures included
  • Tapmaster Hands Free Water Activation System
  • 2 medical grade electrical outlets
  • Soft-close drawers
  • 155° soft-close hinges
  • Subbase in stainless steel laminate with marine grade plywood substrate with leveling legs
  • 6-year Warranty
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