Tailored Plus Side Cabinets

Our side cabinets can be customized to include several efficient storage solutions such as extra drawer modules, equipment bays and other storage needs.

General Details

Designed in collaboration with dentists and dental assistants, Tailored Plus is a line of conveniently pre-designed Side Cabinets, just pick colors and surfaces and they are ready to go. For more information regarding our Tailored Plus Side cabinets, please contact your MCC Sales Representative.

MCC offers 4 models of Tailored Plus Side Cabinets to enhance any work environment, features include:

  • Pre-designed cabinets
  • Solid surface countertop
  • PVC edging 
  • Integrated countertop waste drop 
  • Under mounted stainless steel sink included with solid surface counter only 
  • Hardware and plumbing fixtures included 
  •  Soft-close drawers 
  • 6″ High Density Polymer subbase

Investing in well designed, high-quality cabinetry today pays high dividends down the road, as practices evolve to meet new and ever-demanding needs.

Talk to our experts about any special features you may require. A few simple custom modifications are a cost-effective way to guarantee the ‘perfect fit’ for your practice.

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