Pediatric Benches

Our Pediatric Bench is available in a range of attractive colors.

  1. General Details

    The Pediatric Bench with Drawers is an inexpensive alternative to the Pediatric Dental Chair.  Designed to look like a piece of household furniture, this child and parent-friendly chair puts patients at ease.  As a result, the efficiency of service delivery is greatly improved. The optimal design allows for closer proximity between dentist and patient.

    Pediatric Bench Features Available:

    • This bench is designed specifically for the Pediatric Dental Practice
    • Available in multiple configurations of drawers and storage modules to integrate with most Pediatric office concepts
    • Numerous Options include Doctor/Assistant Controls, Post Light, Monitor Mount
    • Unlimited color selections for laminate and upholstery choices
    • Coming Soon! New Articulating back for procedural adjustment
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  3. Colors (Laminates)