MCC New Dental Office Renovation

November 20, 2022

MCC New Dental Office Renovation

This video shows a Dental Office Renovation that was completed in 2021 for a customer who had just bought the office space. The office consisted of small rooms so the cabinets were designed and built to the customers specific needs; custom height cabinets and sliding work surfaces were installed, as well as a custom designed galley style sterilization bay with lube shelf and space for two small washers with a dedicated wrap station. With insufficient room across the Sterilization center to meet IPAC standards, we created a clean spot and a small computer ledge on the opposite side. The side cabinet features a partial waterfall countertop to make the visual from the outside cohesive, a fine detail that, along with the custom rear cabinet, enriches the look of the operator room.

Click here to watch the video on Youtube

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