MCC Dental’s Giovanni Cocciardi Celebrates 50 Years of Cabinet Making!

August 15, 2021

MCC Dental’s Giovanni Cocciardi Celebrates 50 Years of Cabinet Making!

Holly Power of Oral Health Magazine, at the 2019 ODA Show interview Giovanni Cocciardi, Co-founder of MCC Dental Cabinets.

Giovanni is an icon in the dental cabinet industry. This year, Giovanni is celebrating 50 years of servicing dentists in the U.S. and Canadian dental industry.

From the early days building cabinets, Giovanni and his co-founding partner, Dietrich Grammenz, were encouraged by a sales representative to go solo and establish their own manufacturing facility.

MCC Dental Cabinets: Then and Now

With the support of the company’s distribution partners, Giovanni and Dietrich eventually expanded. Their inicial grounds evolved into larger premises and were soon distributing to the U.S. and Canadian markets.

The secret of MCC’s success has been a talent for:

  • Innovative thinking
  • Great design
  • Delivering cabinets that dentists find functional, aesthetically pleasing and good value.

Over the years, MCC has kept product innovation at the centre of their business philosophy. It consists on routinely delivering industry leading lines like their Sterilization series.

Same, they put to service their being among the first dental cabinet manufacturers to integrate environmentally sustainable and LEED certified materials into product design.

Giovanni continues in the business today. He proudly supports MCC Dental Cabinet’s new generation of leadership – his four sons who manage the product development, distribution and company operations. Congratulations, Giovanni, on MCC’s 50th Birthday Celebration!

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