Classic Collection

Our Classic Collection Dental Cabinets – Rear Cabinets, Center Islands and Side Cabinets are the perfect fit for your new practice or as an add-on to your existing practice.

For years, we have collaborated with dental professionals on product design of practice cabinets. The result of our collaboration is the most efficient treatment station available. Quite simply, our rear cabinets are industry leading.

The dentist, assistant and patient together, benefit from having all the instruments and equipment close at hand and in just the right place. To maximize the functionality of MCC’s Rear Cabinets, every nook and cranny has been transformed into useful space. We’ve also kept to the smallest possible footprint possible, while still accommodating everything required for today’s well-equipped dental facility.

When space is at a premium, MCC has an efficient and affordable solution; Our all-new Center Island Unit offers several advantages over closed room designs, while maintaining appropriate patient privacy.

Classic – Operatory Uppers

We offer a range of Operatory Uppers to enhance the function of our Classic Cabinets.

Classic – Rear Cabinets

Our Rear Cabinets are industry leading

Classic – Side Cabinets

Our Classic Side Console Cabinets enhance any work environment.