Perfect Fit Steri Centers

Numerous features are available with our Perfect Fit Collection.

General Details

Our Perfect Fit collection offers all the benefits of our Sterilization line and includes the following:

Sterilization Center PERFECT FIT Standard Features:

  • Solid surface counter included
  • PVC edging
  • Integrated waste module with waste drop, sharps and bio waste
  • Built-in glove dispenser
  • Under mounted stainless steel sink
  • Hardware and plumbing fixtures included
  • Automatic washer compatible
  • Tapmaster hands free water activation
  • Red/Blue (Dirty/Clean) indicators
  • 3 or 4 separate areas for receiving/ preparation, cleaning preparation, packaging sterilization and sterile clean storage
  • 5” Brushed chrome handles
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2019 Brochure Download

Click here to view or download our Perfect Fit Sterilization Units brochure pdf file for more details regarding these Sterilization Centers, designed to support the most efficient work flow for your practice’s sterilization needs.

Our 2020 updated brochure will be available soon.