Modular Center Island Dental Cabinet

When space is at a premium, our Center Islands are an efficient and affordable solution.

General Details

For years, we have collaborated with dental professionals on product design of practice cabinets. The result of our collaboration is the most effective treatment station available. Quite simply, our dental cabinets are industry leading and a cost-effective alternative that will fit your budget and space perfectly.

The Modular Center Island is an ideal ‘off-the-shelf’ solution for multi-room plans that are perfectly fitted to your budget. Saving floor space and maximizing available storage space while maintaining patient privacy.
There several advantages of center island dental cabinets over closed room designs and they include:

  • Reduced construction costs
  • Considerable savings associated with sharing a single intra-oral X-ray between two adjacent patient stations.
  • Plenty of room for CPU storage in the upper cabinets
  • The latest under-mounted stainless steel sink with all the hardware and plumbing included.
  • Choose from either Solid Surface or Caesarstone® patterned countertops for a stylish, custom look and easy cleaning.
  • PVC edging

‘Green’ construction

All of MCC’s dental cabinetry is also available using environmentally friendly manufacturing techniques. ‘Green’ construction means our cabinets contain no urea formaldehyde resins and are built with water-based adhesives. As a result, they are LEEDS compliant.

Investing in well designed, high-quality dental cabinetry today pays high dividends down the road, as practices evolve to meet new and ever-demanding needs.

Talk to our experts about any special features you may require. A few simple custom modifications are a cost-effective way to guarantee the ideal solution for your practice.

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2019 Brochure Download

Click here to view or download our Modular Collection brochure pdf file for more details regarding this industry leading design Centre Islands, a cost-effective alternative that will fit your budget and space perfectly.

Our 2020 updated brochure will be available soon.