MCC New and Improved Retraction System

August 11, 2018

MCC New and Improved Retraction System

MCC Retraction System, an effective solution to your tubing clutter.

Our new and improved retraction system provides you with a safe & organized work environment that increases productivity while saving valuable time.
• Our exceptional asepsis design provides a clean, safe environment to increase workflow efficiency;
• Self-contained drawer mounts under an existing countertop;
• Designed to protect fiber optic tubing and retractable cords;
• Retraction prevents tangles, trips and disorganized cords and tubing;
• Provides your office space with a clean, state-of-the-art look;
• Optional MCC Control and factory installation.

Please click here to download a portable file with more details about our Retraction System and its Modules.

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  1. Please contact me to discuss retraction rear delivery


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